Canada’s Edge

It has been a few months since my last blog post, but now it is time to share pictures from the past month and a half of hiking and traveling around British Columbia!

To start are some photos from a hike that I have been excited about trying all year. Instead of finding a new peak to conquer on the North Shore mountains of Vancouver or heading further north up the Sea-to-Sky highway, my fiancee and I headed south-east to just outside of Chilliwack, BC to hike Elk Mountain. I was excited to travel to a new area for some brand new views, and to see what the trails would be like in a new region.

The Elk Mountain hike turned out to be one of my new favourites. It is a fun and challenging hike that is pretty much a non-stop steep ramp from bottom to top. The trail is well maintained so it makes for a great afternoon of exercise – and the views were fantastic!


If you look closely at the map above you can see that after hiking (up) through the forested area of the mountain you reach a high elevation meadow – always great for panoramic views! Also good for some shots combing the wild flowers with the view:


Me off to the right, the north-facing view towards Chilliwack above

The first clearing above the trees looks north towards Chiliwack and some of the smaller mountains, hills, and lakes in that direction. However, a bit further south along a path through the mountain top meadow leads to a view with some more impressive mountains. To the south of Elk Mountain are views of the Canada-USA border peaks and Mount Baker, one of the more impressive mountains in the region.


Photo of the mountain-top path with a clear view of the Canada-USA border peaks ahead


Me, the border peaks, and Mount Baker on the right

More posts from Kelowna, Whistler, Strathcona Park, and Mount Strachan to come!




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