Return to the Flatland

Over the past week I have been away from Vancouver travelling to Ontario for a conference and also a wedding, therefore I have no hiking photos to share this week. However, the flat farming world of south-western Ontario can also provide some picturesque scenery.

Similar to Vancouver, my favourite sights around my Ontario family’s home are outside of town (despite it being much smaller than Vancouver). While the amazement of hiking in mountainous regions like Vancouver is partly due to how far and how much you can see from the mountaintops, this is also true in some ways of flat farming scenery. While driving along a the highway in the early summer (crops just sprouting in this region) you can see flat across the landscape and far off on the horizon still make out the peaks of far off barns and silos.


Similar to the above photo, it is a little easier to take in the distance that can be seen since this area is chalk full of modern wind turbines. Note that most wind turbines in this area are about 510 feet tall (155 metres) measuring the max height of tower plus blade.


As always, bodies of water can make for inspiring scenery. Shown below is one of my favourite pictures from this weekend, along one edge of Lake St. Clair. I enjoy having just one or two people in my scenery photos to add scale and a little life to the otherwise still scene. The contrast of emptiness on the right and detail on the left is intriguing to me, and only works thanks to the small island in the distance just caught in the field of view.


And finally, a picture later in the day capturing a family of ducks swimming at sunset.

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