Over the hill and through the snow

The sun is officially out of its hibernation in Vancouver! After one of the gloomiest springs ever the sun has come out bright for over a week straight – including the long weekend! My fiancée and I of course could not resist heading to the north shore for a hike. As many local hikers have been, we were fooled by the sunshine and forgot that the mountains are still going to be snowy. Luckily we pack plenty of water, snacks, safety supplies, and our hiking boots, so we felt okay to carry on with our hike of Eagle Bluffs.

For anyone thinking about an early spring hike after a long cold winter, below is a look at what we had to trudge through there and back. It is warm enough out for short sleeves but slippery and slow the whole way.


With that said, the views on this day were fantastic! The bright green trees against the white snow made for great colours to go with the clear blue skies and far off visibility of nearby mountains. Below shown is the view from Black Mountain peak looking west towards the sunshine coast, with a ferry leaving from horseshoe bay in view.


The main viewpoint of the Eagle Bluffs hike is a stony clearing on the south edge of Cypress mountain. Due to the openness of this area and the recent sunshine, the viewpoint was actually free of snow, which made it feel much more like summer. Quite the relief after the long hike! The view from up here is amazing. You can see Vancouver and all the east suburbs in one direction, all the way around to a similar westward view as is available at the Black Mountain peak. Joining us at the Eagle Bluffs viewpoint was, appropriately, a family of four eagles flying up and down the mountain side! You can see at least one prominently in the photo below.


Again below is a shot from the viewpoint looking towards the edge of Vancouver and open blue water.


To cap off the story of this hike I thought I would add one last photo from the day after our Eagle Bluffs hike. We went to Jericho beach for a day of relaxing with friends and enjoyed the opposite view – looking back from the water up at the face of the mountains. You can almost make out Jericho beach as the light brown beach in the centre-left of the photo above, although I do not think it is possible to pick out the Eagle bluffs viewpoint on the mountain when looking from the beach.


Truly a Sea-to-Sky weekend of activities in Vancouver.






One thought on “Over the hill and through the snow

  1. Really enjoyed your narrative and the photos – breathtaking from the top toward the water! How fun that you took a photo back the other way. It is such a stark reminder of how completely different two perspectives are – either in nature or in life. 🙂


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