Back to the snow: Joffre Lakes

After returning to a cool and rainy Vancouver from a weekend away in the warmth of Arizona, my fiancée and I went snowshoeing on the first sunny day on the weekend that we got. The trail of choice was Joffre Lakes park, located about 2.5 hours north from Vancouver near Pemberton BC.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, complete with a fresh layer of snow, sunshine, and a quiet trail that had already been trotted out for us by a group that had arrived earlier. The two lakes at the end of the trail hold the more popular viewpoints, but the views of the mountains on the way to the top were just as impressive! The picture below really shows off how much untouched snow was all around us throughout the hike.


A beautiful part of the trail walking over a snow-covered boulder field.

The view below is looking back the other way compared to the previous picture. While we are hiking up the side of one mountain range there are a number of other mountain peaks to look upon.


Once you reach Middle Lake (2nd of 3 lakes on the trail) the glacier that feeds the lakes of Joffre Lakes park comes into view. On this day the glacier glimmered in the sunlight of the clear blue sky, shown in the picture below. I particularly like the wavy trail cutting through the middle of the lake by the previous snowshoers, adding a little character and uniqueness to this picture.


Middle Lake

The view at Upper Lake is much of the same, but the snow of the lake is continuous with that of the mountain that leads to the glacier.


Upper Lake

On the return trip we walked around the edge of Middle Lake and I took the opportunity to take a picture of a group crossing straight through the lake. I already enjoy photography that includes a human touch with great scenery, it provides a scale for the mountains and makes the photo more unique. The group that crossed the lake that day did so with nearly perfect spacing between the 4 of them, creating a snow-covered reference to the Beatles’ abbey road album cover.