The road from red-rocks to the Grand Canyon

My previous blog post described my experience on the Camelback Mountain hike in the middle of Scottsdale Arizona. Of course, while in Arizona for an extended weekend a trip to the Grand Canyon was on the itinerary. Rather than taking a day trip shuttle from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon and back, my fiancée and I did the trip in a rental car so that we could go through the day on our own schedule.

The Arizona landscape and scenery was amazing at all stages of the drive, from the desert of Phoenix, to the red rocks of Sedona, through the forested area in Oak creek canyon, the dry and grey region leading to the Grand Canyon, and then the surprisingly colourful Grand Canyon park.

The first stop on the trip up was to red rock park in Sedona. The most popular sight here is the famous “bell rock”, named for its bell-like shape. However, just beside bell rock was this view in the picture below, which for whatever reason I found to be more awe inspiring.


Red Rock park near Sedona, AZ

After the warm feeling of being in the sun with the red rocks came a drive through oak creek canyon and up to the Oak Creek Vista, where somebody had clearly needed to shovel snow recently! We through on a light sweater and took in the fantastic view looking back at the drive we had just completed through the canyon, which turned out to be one of my favourite views on this day trip.


View from Oak Creek Canyon Vista

Our first look at the Grand Canyon came at the Mohave Point. Instantly, the Grand Canyon became the most impressive sight I have ever seen. The picture does not portray the experience, missing the scale of how far down the Colorado River sits, and how far away the other side of the canyon seems to be.


Mohave Point view

The Grand Canyon was impressive, unique, distracting, but also colourful. Particularly as it got to be later in the evening, the dark purple of the deeper shaded regions began to contrast well with the bright yellow and orange rocks still in the sunlight.


Evening view from Desert View at the east entrance to the Grand Canyon South Rim

I recommend everyone goes to see the Grand Canyon sometime! It was truly amazing.






6 thoughts on “The road from red-rocks to the Grand Canyon

  1. Brennan, you have completely captured this lovely and impressive drive from the “Valley of the Sun” up to Grand Canyon. I haven’t been to Sedona yet, but I loved that the view you saw was slightly away from the more popular view. And, yes, I know what you mean about Grand Canyon being “grand,” the last time I was there several years ago, I thought to myself: I’ve seen the Grand Canyon (many times before on family visits), it’s not a big deal – but then, oh! On the rim. It was just an amazing sight. Thank you for sharing these!

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      • That’s so great. What kind of driving time did you have for the trip to-from Phoenix area? I was thinking it might be 4 hours each way … I have grandparents who lived in Page Arizona (Lake Powell) for 60 years and in the summers we would often visit, and that is quite a bit closer to Grand Canyon than Phoenix. Wonderful post!


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