Winter Sights

This past weekend included a return to Cypress park for more snowshoeing, but this time there was (some) sun in the forecast so the target was the summit of Hollyburn Mountain with hopes of getting some views of Vancouver, the north shore mountains, and the Howe Sound.

The Hollyburn trail gets steep pretty fast, with many people electing to remove some layers near the beginning after the first couple of hills. The bulk of the trail is a series of steep climbs, each of which provides a nice view of what you have accomplished thus far.


View from the top of an early section, just getting started on the >400m elevation change

There were some clouds scattered throughout the sky on Saturday. Those that were around the mountain would come and go to periodically reveal previously hidden views; this glimpse at Crown Mountain (below) was a pleasant surprise revealed when the clouds to the right of the picture moved out of the way.


From the Hollyburn summit the clouds unfortunately blocked the views of downtown Vancouver, but did create awe inspiring scenes by mixing in with the mountains further to the North.


On the return trip the low clouds has dissipated. They left behind a view of an oddly yellow horizon, reflected in the water surface.


Overall, a beautiful day out in the snow.




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