1st 2017 Adventure: Mt Seymour Snowshoeing

It is my third winter of living in Vancouver, and up until now the winter months from about November to March have kept me mostly inside and certainly stuck inside the city (which is not all bad!). Finally, this past weekend my girlfriend and I went out to try snowshoeing. In summary, we loved it and now we can continue hiking and exploring all year round!

We started on what is one of the easiest snowshoe trails in the area: Dog Mountain, which is a trail on Mount Seymour starting from the Mount Seymour ski resort. Unlike our usual hiking adventure days, we started in the afternoon. This meant that the trails and nearby snow was well-trotted upon, but made for a fantastic skyline at the finish. The two photos below show the snow-covered forest scene that was the majority of the trail – including a photo of the First Lake bridge that shows just how much snow is piled everywhere (tough to scale based on just the picture, but that is about 2m of snow that has now become the new bridge).



The visibility on Saturday was maybe the best that I have ever had for any hike. When we reached the viewpoint, not really a steep enough hike to Dog Mountain to be worthy of being called a summit, there were fantastic views of Grouse and Crown Mountain to the west, …


Mount Bake and associated mountain range to the east, …


and to the south was an amazing view of Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


We will be planning some bigger and better snowshoeing trips in the coming months : )





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