WPC: Ambience – Stump Lake

This week’s photo challenge from the WordPress Daily Post is Ambience. Looking through my hiking photos I knew that somewhere I must have something that had captured the “character and atmosphere” of that place.

I landed on some photos from Alice Lake park near Squamish in British Columbia. The trails in this park encircle a number of small lakes, the photos below are from Stump Lake. The day that I went hiking there was a quiet, overcast, cool, and calm afternoon in October. When we reached Stump Lake, its surface looked just the same; quiet and calm. That’s why I feel these photos of the tree reflections in the water capture the ambience of the moment.

Version 2

What I find interesting for these photos is actually applying some unrealistic filters. For some of the angles it does a better job of defining the contours and individuals trees in the reflection, where in the original photo the reflection was too dark.


Similarly, applying some black and white filters makes my eyes look at the photos a little differently.





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