Frosty Welcome Back

A chilly welcome back to Vancouver after the holidays has inspired me to show off some of my favourite wintery photos from last month. December 2016 brought the most snow to Vancouver since I have lived here, and the city was still frozen when I returned from the holidays – apparently enough for ice skating in the streets!

Thankfully, with the cold comes an emphasis of nature’s beauty that we don’t get in the summer. For instance, something about the snow this year did an outstanding job of lining the contours of tree branches and providing a photogenic contrast of the dark tree bark with bright white snow.


A little earlier in the morning on a snowy day last month, the streetlight adds another layer of colour into one of my favourite photos from the wintery December.


Of course, with the snow and chill often comes beautifully clear days to stare at the Vancouver skyline lined with layers of snow-capped mountains.


Happy New Year,



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