Holidays away from Vancouver (and the mountains)

After a hiatus from blogging due to focusing on my PhD comprehensive exam and then travelling home for the holidays (always somehow a very busy, yet relaxing time of year), I hope to truly get started into a full year of sharing some of my favourite photos.

And to start the New Year I have to show a couple photos from the holidays with no mountains in sight. Winter hit hard this December across much of Canada, which was actually surprising since it usually waits until January or February. The snow and wintery setting made for some of the more unique views of my rural, quiet, and still hometown. First, a view of the still river running through a local park. I usually enjoy tree reflections in water, but this shot was unique in that the reflections were slightly different colour (tree on the right in particular) than the trees themselves.


Second is a photo from nearby the park on the very edge of town looking out at the farmland. It is a nice reminder of the contrast with the Vancouver mountains.





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