Belated Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

I’m a little late on the Weekly Photo Challenge from last Friday where the prompt was “Chaos”, but I wanted to weigh in none the less. I found that many of the photos put forward followed a theme of disorganization as the interpretation of ‘chaos’, which I agree is a fair component of chaos. However, I was much more impressed with the images that managed to capture action or movement  such as the horse stampede. Combining the components of disorganization and action provided a sense of urgency, that I felt added to the chaos of the imagery.

While I do not have many chaotic photos, I can share an example of an image that shows action. Like the horse stampede photo there are many people feeling a sense of urgency in the photo, and your eyes dart to each side of the photo to take in which way each person is headed.


This photo is an old picture from one of my grade 12 football games. In this instance I am #5, the one on the right.


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