Canada, Who Are You? — Longreads

Great ‘Longreads’ post about Canada from Aaron Gilbreath (link at the bottom). This story resonated with me for a couple of reasons. I’ve lived in two different parts of Canada – roughly 3200 km (~2000 miles) apart – and also had the opportunity to meet Canadians from all parts of this country. I think the description of Canada as a ‘collection of outposts’ is fitting because it does seem odd to camaraderie with people who are thousands of kilometres away, living in environments that look completely foreign, with nothing (but beautiful natural landscape) in between. That said, I don’t think this is a description completely unique to Canada.

Second, I find stories of American perspectives on Canada interesting because it interesting to see what they learn first, what they think interesting, and what they think is the same. Aaron’s post is correct, that Canadian politics is not 100% progressive and environmentally friendly – we did indeed have a conservative party prime minister for nearly the past decade.

Overall, thanks to Aaron for sharing this perspective on his relationship with Canada!

Canada seemed like the perfect country: scenic, peaceful, friendly, progressive. But the country has its dark sides too.

via Canada, Who Are You? — Longreads



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