First Blog Post, a lot of Vancouver experiences to discuss

Two years ago I moved to a new community on the western coast of Canada, living in Vancouver. I moved to Vancouver from the other side of Canada (in Ontario) to begin graduate school conducting biomedical research with the aim of gaining training and expertise in oncology research, and hoping to conduct research that will make a meaningful impact while I am here.

When I am not in the lab, my girlfriend and I spend the summers here hiking around Vancouver’s north shore mountains, the Howe Sound, and the region around Whistler. I enjoy taking photos of the scenery – I plan to share much of that here – but I also try to find and capture interesting images just around the neighbourhood. During the rainy, but thankfully not nearly as cold as Ontario, winters we put away the hiking gear to enjoy the shows and evening activities abundant in Vancouver instead.

Version 2

Top of Stawamus Chief Hike near Squamish

I started this blog with the hopes of kindly sharing some of my enjoyable experiences from living in this beautiful part of the country. For me, it will be a way to share some of my photos to others, but also an exercise in practicing my writing for a general audience as I plan to also begin a blog aiming to provide educational resources on the topic of my research field.

I plan for this blog to hold memories of great experiences and fun times, because as anyone who has been involved with scientific research knows – graduate school is a┬ápart of that challenges your self confidence.

“Science is neat, but I’m afraid it’s not very forgiving.” – Scott Clarke, Stranger Things.

Brennan Wadsworth


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